Chilime Engineering and Services Company Ltd. (ChesCo)

Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Chilime Engineering and Services Company Ltd. (ChesCo)



Chilime Engineering and Services Company Ltd. (ChesCo) was established to give complete engineering and services for hydropower project development in Nepal. The company is initiated and invested by Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHPCL) as pre-dominant share-holder and contains 100% ownership of CHPCL. ChesCo's main motive is to develop the skilled manpower and give complete hydropower solution for the sustainable hydropower development.


  • Provide engineering services to the Government and other private companies in identification of projects, investigation, planning, feasibility study, environment studies, detail engineering , construction supervision along with due diligence study
  • Give consulting services in Electromechanical, transmission and distribution lines survey and design works.
  • Provide broad engineering services on Operation, Repair & Maintenance , Testing, Project Management and training works related to different hydropower projects running under Government  as  well  as  private  Sectors
  • Rehabilitation works of hydropower projects

Benefits working with ChesCo

Chilime Hydropower project (22.1 MW) holds a prestigious history of constructing a project which has its own complete experience in engineering design and management, site supervision including operation and maintenance of 22.1 MW Chilime hydropower project. It was long way back when there wasn’t substantial development of hydropower in the nation. Having many hydropower projects under construction, ChesCo has a strong technical team to handle the various project assignment. On top of the glorious history of CHPCL, it should also be noted that CHPCL has a strong collaboration with government of Nepal. The statement is justified by the 51% share of NEA in CHPCL; and ChesCo, being a subsidiary company with 100% ownership of CHPCL, holds a strong assurance from CHPCL by both technical and managerial aspects. The other benefits working with ChesCo are as follows:

  • In house experienced technical experts in Hydropower, Civil and Environmental Engineering including Electro-mechanical, Hydro-mechanical Study and other Design works.
  • Key experts are already involved in design and construction supervision of different size of hydropower projects from small to more than 100MW size.

Projects Involved

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