Chilime Hydropower Company Limited

 Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (Chilime) was incorporated in 1995 with an objective of hydroelectricity generation through optimal utilization of resources within the country. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) holds majority ownership with 51% share holding. Remaining 49% shareholding is from general public including 10% equity ownership of local people.


Chilime owns and operates 22.1 MW power plant commissioned on August 25, 2003 and located in Rasuwa district, 133 km north of capital city Kathmandu. It sales bulk electricity to NEA at the long term PPA price. The annual energy generation from the plant is about 150 GWh.


Chilime has established following three subsidiaries:

1. Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited.

2. Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidhyut Company Limited.

3. Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited.

4. Chilime Engineering and Services Company Limited. Chilime, through its three subsidiaries, is developing four hydropower projects with aggregate capacity of 270.3 MW.


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनीको नियम तथा विनियमहरू

चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनी कर्मचारी सेवा शर्त विनियमावली, २०७१   Download


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनी कर्मचारी सेवा शर्त विनियमावली, २०७१ (संशोधन सहित)  Download


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनी आर्थिक प्रशासन विनियमावली, २०६५  Download


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनी आर्थिक प्रशासन विनियमावलीमा संशोधन  Download


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनीको नियमावली  Download


चिलिमे जलविद्युत कम्पनीको प्रबन्ध-पत्र  Download


Mission & Vision




"To be the largest public hydropower company in Nepal."




1. To harness hydropower potential of the country for the benefit of the people at large by optimally utilizing the untapped resources and creating synergy with the private sector.

2. To ensure attractive and sustainable long term return to our shareholders through prudent and sound investment.

3. To create a competitive working environment with long term career prospects to our employees whereby they will nurture a culture to learn, grow and put their best effort to the growth of the company.

4. To maximize the public participation and empower them to have better living, and

5. To make the communities in which we live, work and serve, better places to be.



To develop 500 MW hydropower projects in our portfolio by 2020.



Public Focus:

We strive to maximize the involvement of public as shareholders ensuring them attractive and sustainable return.

Management Excellence:

We are committed to ensure management excellence through innovation and adoption of the best practices both in execution and operation of the projects to maximize the efficiency and quality of the service.

Human Resource

We are committed to provide our employees opportunities to learn and grow to achieve their full potential.

Corporate Governance:

We believe in being accountable, conducting business ethically and transparently.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

We are committed to take social initiatives for the development of local areas in particular and the nation in general.







Quality Management Policy

We are committed to develop and generate electricity from hydropower projects satisfying our stakeholders through continual improvement in its technology, process, human resource management and complying the statutory & regulatory requirement.

Environmental Management Policy

We are committed to produce our products in an environment friendly and responsive manner by implementing, maintaining and continually improving our environmental management system.




To develop hydropower projects by optimally utilizing domestic and foreign resources through its subsidiary companies, and in alliance with public utilities and other prospective private hydropower developers.





Public Share

49% (14% General Public, 10% Projet-affected local people, 25% Employees of NEA and Chilime) 


Promotor Share

51% (NEA, Nepal Electricity Authority)


Board of Directors

Mr. Kulman

Mr. Kulman Ghising


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Er. Ramji

Er. Ramji Bhandari


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Er. Pradip Kumar Theke

Er. Pradip Kumar Theke

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Mr. Lok Hari Luintel

Mr. Lok Hari Luintel


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Er. Subhash

Er. Subhash Kumar Mishra

Member/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Mr. Tulasi

Mr. Tulasi Ram Dhakal


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Mr. Bhim

Mr. Bhim Prasad Timilsina


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Mr. Ram

Mr. Ram Prasad Rimal


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Ms. Shanti

Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya


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Mr. Narayan

Mr. Narayan Prasad Acharya

Company Secretary/Deputy Director (Finance)

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Organization Chart



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