Chilime Khola.

Type of scheme

Run of river with peaking pondages

Turbine discharge


Gross head

351.5 m

Net head

337.46 m

Installed capacity

22.1 M W(2*11.05 M W)

Average annual energy

137.9 GWh (137 million units)

Deemed energy

132.9 GWh(132 million units)

Intake size

2*5.50 m*1.2 m

Diversion Weir( L*H)

13 m*3.25 m

Sluiceway Width


Desanding Basin Type

Dufour (Double Chamber)

Desanding Basin Dimension (L*B*H)

60 m* 7.5 m*3.75 m

Syphon (L*D)

58 m*2.2 m (Steel Pipe)

Power Canal (L*B*H)

606 m* 2.2 m* 2.2 m

Feeder canal with Bemdang khola (L)

82.15 m

Peaking pondage Storage Capacity

53032 m^3

Pressure Conduit (L)

414 m

Headrace Tunnel (L)

2826.5 m

Underground Surge tank (D* H)

6.5 m*33 m

Underground Penstock (L*D)

635.5 m*1.64 m to 2.17 m

Transformer Cavern (L*W*H)

67 m*10 m* 7.5 m

Switchgear Room (L*W*H)

14 m* 12 m*8.5 m

Powerhouse Cavern (L*W*H)

40 m to 50 m *16 m* 16.5 m

Tailrace tunnel (L*W*H)

243 m* 3 m* 3 m

Turbine (Type & output)

Horizontal, Pelton (2*11.28 MW) Digital Governor

Generators (Type, Capacity & Voltage)

Brushless Excitation, 13 MVA, 11 KV

Transformers (Type, Capacity & Voltage)

Single Phase, 4.25 MVA * 7 Nos.

Switch gear Type

Gas Insulatyed Metal Clad (GIS System)

Transmission Line (L*V & Circuit)

38 KM * 66 KV Single Circuit (Wolf Conductor)

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